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Peanut Farm
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Picard, Dominica

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Darnelle Little

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Have you ever been to a tropical paradise in your own private bungalow with friends and good cheer? Have you ever imagined being on faraway island with romantic views with your loved ones? Have you ever spent an entire week in your bathing suit, with no phones, internet or cares? If you have, would you like to go again?

Sound good? Then let this Caribbean Castaway set you up at the new Peanut Farm Bar and Bungalow located on the Caribbean Island of Dominica and experience the vacation like no other.

  • SANCTUARY, the beautiful 37 foot catamaran with four queen size staterooms
  • Spacious accommodations, fast and smooth sailing, with modern conveniences.
  • Available anywhere in the Caribbean at weekly or daily “crewed” rates
  • Capt. Mark Denebeim is a 30 year veteran of Blue Water sailing.
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